Are you Drinking Enough water? Health professionals recommend drinking eight 8-ounce (8×8) glasses of water a day, which equals to about 2 liters, or a half a gallon. Unfortunately, over 80% of people fail to drink their daily healthy dose of water! Healthy Movement is on a mission to help people drink more water and create healthy habits.

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HealthyMVMT Time Marker Water Bottle

Time Marker Water Bottles

Motivational water bottle with time marker reminder, BPA Free Frosted Tritan Plastic, Leakproof and Drop Resistant 1 Liter 32 Oz.

We made this bottle with 100% BPA FREE Tritan plastic which means it’s lightweight and unlike other water bottles, this one is shatter-resistant. We still don’t recommend you go throwing this now but we all have the occasional oops.

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My 1st order I purchased for my 94 year old father. He drinks lots of water with sliced lemon and lime; he said he really enjoyed the fruit and all he needed to do was open a packet and didn’t have to cut up fruit. He even eats the fruit when all his water is gone! My 2nd order was for myself giving me more of an excuse to drink more water! 3rd order I plan on giving to my daughter out of state.
I love this product!! I did not like drinking water and with this it makes it much easier. I even bought a large water jug to take to work with the fruit infusions. Taste great!
Rebecca R.

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